Seismic engineering

In the field of seismic engineering, seismology and land dynamics, Studio Geotecnico Italiano is internationally renowned for its skill in carrying out seismic hazard-risk studies on important infrastructures, such as thermonuclear power stations, railway viaducts and bridges, L terminals and port facilities.

How the activity is structured

Studies of this level and complexity call for the creation of models of sources of earthquakes in specific regions, the processing of earthquake catalogues, selecting models for dampening seismic ground movement, the construction of a logical tree structure for handling uncertainties, probabilistic (or deterministic) computation of elastic response spectra for rocks and on project sites, and the selection of the appropriate accelerograms representing expected on-site ground movement.
Hazard level studies for industrial plants covering large areas may take on the form of seismic micro-zoning, in which variations in seismic ground movement are estimated even over short distances in the presence of significant variations in surface geology and in the profile of the ground’s mechanical properties.

Geotechnical seismic engineering

In the neighbouring realm of geotechnical seismic engineering, Studio Geotecnico Italiano has extensive experience in analysing the stability of foundations and geo-structures, including the assessment of the danger of liquefaction and collapsing caused by cyclic loads of a seismic nature.
Studies are carried out by means of advanced numerical analysis of effective tensions using non-linear finite-element models based around the appropriate constitutive links. The results of this analysis provide an ideal basis for choosing remedial measures, including dynamic compacting, vibroflotation and gravel posts.

Dynamic ground-foundation interaction

Studio Geotecnico Italiano has been working for many years on dynamic ground-foundation interaction providing structural and mechanical engineers with the parameters required for assessing the environmental impact caused by vibrating machinery (compressors, turbines etc.) and those required for introducing (in the right way) the interface conditions between the foundations (surface and deep) and ground into structural analysis.
Internal actions generated inside posts by the propagation of seismic waves into the ground can also be calculated.


9400 projects worldwide

Thanks to the expertise it has gained working on over 9400 projects worldwide, Studio Geotecnico Italiano can intervene from the initial survey phase right through to the drawing up of construction projects, also providing assistance during the execution of works.


experience knowledge and avant-garde

Geotechnical Engineering

One of Studio Geotecnico Italiano’s key operations is studying land and rock mechanics and the application of this knowledge to engineering works.

Seismic Engineering

Studio Geotecnico Italiano is internationally renowned for its skill in carrying out seismic hazard-risk studies on important infrastructures.

Environmental Engineering

Studio Geotecnico Italiano analyses and reclaims contaminated sites and carries out environmental impact studies and environmental monitoring.

Applied Geology

Mainly concerned with problems related to geological risk, the Geology sector is involved in applied geology, hydrogeology and environmental geology, as well as providing all the other fields.


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