Cookies Policy

Cookies are automated text files used to collect data on our website that we sometimes use to track information about how our website is deployed. We use cookies to make our website work more efficiently and to improve the services we offer. When a user visits our website, our web server sends a cookie to their computer for a variety of purposes.

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N.B.: Users can control cookies by altering their browser settings, however this might have a negative impact on user experience and the functioning of our website.

What are cookies for?

Cookies support basic website functions: some cookies are vital for the smooth-operating of certain essential functions on our website - for example, memorising the items in the basket – while users continue browsing various webpages to make further purchases.

Cookies can help improve the quality of our website and services: cookies collect information (sometimes even IP addresses) to monitor how our website is used and allow us to improve browsing and provide the best possible services.

We use this information to:

  • provide anonymous aggregated statistics about the performance of our website;
  • assess how effective our promotions are, identifying where the user has clicked and which websites they belong to;
  • provide (carefully selected) feedback to third parties whose website has been visited by any of our users;
  • help us improve our website, correcting any mistakes that might have occurred while the user was browsing;
  • provide the user with advanced website performance by allowing access to additional services or by restoring their basket should they decide to come back later to browse.

Cookies allow us to share information with our carefully selected business partners: third-party cookies can share information with our partners to offer services on our website. The shared information may only be used to provide the appropriate service or function (e.g. the “Like” and “Share” buttons on social media). Some third-party cookies may be used to provide a personalised user experience by offering services geared to their interests (see “Advertising based on interests”) both on this and other websites. Personalised browsing can sometimes be connected to services provided by third parties and aimed at finding out whether the user has visited our website. This information is used to send users information about any Studio Geotecnico Italiano S.r.l. products that might be of interest to them. These cookies may also take you to social networks - for example Facebook - or convey information about a user’s visit to advertising agencies, which will then be able to offer them promotions on Studio Geotecnico Italiano S.r.l. products and services that may be of interest to them.

Managing cookie preferences

Please click below and visit the listed websites to manage the cookies posted on our website by third parties:

To manage all the cookies used on our website, including those sent by Studio Geotecnico Italiano S.r.l., users can alter their own browser settings. Further information about managing cookies is available from the following website

N.B.: disabling, blocking or cancelling cookies in your browser settings can negatively impact the user’s experience of our website.

More details about the information we collect and how we use the personal data provided by users is available from our Privacy Policy; in any case, not all the information collected by cookies can identify the user.