Latest update: 1st September 2020

  1. Introduction

Here at Studio Geotecnico Italiano S.r.l. and at our subsidiary companies linked to the Group (jointly referred to as the “SGI Group”), we share your concerns about privacy. Any references this Privacy Policy makes to the “SGI Group” refer to the person in charge of handling your personal data, who, generally speaking, is the person who obtains your personal details. This Privacy Policy describes the kind of personal information we collect about our customers, the way in which we use this information, the people we share it with, and the options available to our customers concerning our handling of this information. It also illustrates the measures we adopt to protect this information and how you can get in contact with us for any queries you might have about our privacy policies.

This Privacy Policy concerns personal data we obtain through your dealings and interaction with the SGI Group, such as through SGI Group websites, phone apps, social media pages and other platforms connected with this Privacy Policy (“Online Channels”) whenever you contact us, for example when you fill in customer information forms, call us on the phone, attend our events (“Off-line Channels”) and also through third parties including advertising and social media networks (jointly referred to as “Channels”).

  1. The information we obtain

We collect your personal details through various channels as described above. Types of personal data collected:

  • contact information (i.e. name, postal address, email address and cell phone or other phone number;
  • username and password;
  • information about payments (i.e. credit card number, expiry date, authorisation number or security code, delivery address and billing address);
  • information about customer service (i.e. surveys about customer service, comments and history of repairs);
  • photos, comments and other content you have provided;
  • information about your personal or professional interests, date of birth, marital status, demographic data, experiences with our products and contact preferences;
  • information you provided about any job opportunity you may have had with us at the SGI Group, such as contacts, information given on your CV (including your academic and professional qualifications and language skills) and details about your current job;
  • information about a purchase and the transaction involved;
  • any contact information you might provide about friends or other people you would like us to contact;
  • location data (such as data obtained from your IP address, country and/or postcode) and the exact geolocation of your cell phone, provided you have been duly informed about this and given your consent;
  • click-stream data and other information about your online activities (such as information about your devices, browsing history and means of browsing), even from Online Channels and third-party websites, which we obtain by means of cookies, web beacons and similar technology (take a look at our Cookie Policy);
  • information we obtain from our service suppliers; and
  • further personal information obtained through our Channels.
  1. Information obtained through cookies and other forms of technology

We use cookies, web beacons (including pixels and tags), web server logs and other means of technology to collect information about you through our Online Channels, including when you visit our websites, interact with our emails, use our apps or interact with advertising messages connected with the SGI Group, content, tools, widgets and plug-ins. To find out more about this technology and how to manage your preferences, take a look at our Cookie Policy.

Suppliers of third-party apps, tools, widgets and plug-ins on our Online Channels, such as Facebook’s “Like” buttons, can also automatically collect information about your interaction with these functions. This information is collected directly by the suppliers of these functions and are subject to these suppliers’ Privacy Policies. The SGI Group is not, in accordance with law, responsible for these suppliers’ data protection policies.

  1. How do we use the information we obtain?

Utilizziamo le informazioni personali da noi ottenute come descritto nella presente Informativa sulla Privacy, basandoci su un certo numero di basi giuridiche per farlo, come precisato di seguito, compresi:

  • executing a contact with you;
  • our own legitimate corporate interests:
  • conforming to a legal constraint/legal measure or exercising or defending rights; or
  • your consent to the handling of this data, which can be withdrawn at any time.

We use the information obtained to draw up a contract with you or to implement pre-contractual measures you have requested, such as:

  • carrying out transactions with you and providing you with miscellaneous products and services;
  • processing and carrying out orders connected with our products and services and keeping you updated about the state of your order;
  • managing job opportunities, such as recruiting and hiring staff and for purposes related to human resources;
  • providing customer support;
  • creating and managing your account with the SGI Group.

We use the information we obtain for our own legitimate interests (which, if required, we can describe in greater detail) to:

  • carry out, monitor and improve our operations (including the development of new products and services; the enhancement or improvement of our services; the managing of our communication operations; the analysis of our products and client base; the carrying out of data analysis and accounting, auditing and other in-house operations);
  • reduce credit risk and manage debt collection;
  • check your identity;
  • send you promotional material and other information;
  • contact you by email, post, telephone or other means, and manage your involvement in special events, competitions, programs, special offers, surveys and market research;
  • protect you from, detect and avoid fraud and other illegal activities, claims and other forms of responsibility;
  • conform to and enforce regulations in force, relevant industrial standards, contractual obligations, and our policies; and
  • reply to your requests.

We also handle your personal information in accordance with and for the purposes of enforcing the legal constraints we are subject to and to check, implement or protect rights, both in legal procedures and administration or non-legal procedures.

We also use your personal information in other ways outlined in the specific privacy policy we provide upon obtaining your information and your consent to use said information as specified by the regulations in force.

  1. Use of cookies and other technology

Upon receiving your consent in accordance with the laws in force, we use information collected by cookies, web beacons (including pixels and tags), web server logs and other automatic means for the purposes described in our Cookie Policy.

We also use third-party services for analysing data on our Online Channels, such as Google analytics [l], [l] and [l], which use cookies and similar technology to collect information (such as IP addresses) to analyse the use of and interaction with our Online Channels. In accordance with law, we will only use cookies for data analysis purposes after receiving your consent. To find out more about these data analysis services and how to withhold your consent, visit the relevant websites listed below:

  1. Interest-based or targeted advertising

When you use our Online Channels, from time to time both we and third parties (such as our advertising networks, digital advertising partners and social media platforms) collect information about your online activity and activity between third-party websites (such as the websites supplying our advertising). We may use this information to send you personalised advertising about products and services that meet your interests. For this purpose, we might also obtain information from third-party websites hosting our advertising. You may see advertising on other websites because we commissioned third-party websites that purchase advertising (like Facebook). These purchasing networks allow us to send messages to users by means of demographic tools based on interests and locations.

Our Cookie Policy provides details about the aims of data collection by means of cookies and other technology and how to make your choices (e.g. change your cookie preferences).

  1. Information we share

We share personal information we collect about you in accordance with what is described in this Privacy Policy. We share personal data with the service suppliers who provide services on our behalf in accordance with our guidelines. We do not authorise these service suppliers to use or share information except when required to carry out these services on our behalf or to meet legal obligations. Examples of these service suppliers include agencies that process credit card payments, manage and reduce our credit risk, check information, fulfil orders, and provide web hosting, data analysis and marketing services. We might also share your personal data within the SGI Group for the purposes described in this Privacy Policy.

We also have the right to share your information (i) if required by law or some legal procedure, (ii) with law enforcement agencies and other public officials and (iii) whenever we believe this is necessary or useful for avoiding physical damage, financial losses or in relation to enquiries into suspected or actual fraudulent or illegal activities. We also reserve the right to pass on your personal data in our possession should we decide sell or transfer (or plan to sell or transfer) all or part of our operations or assets (including the case of a merger, acquisition, joint venture, reorganisation, dissolution or liquidation).

  1. How long we keep your personal data

In accordance with the regulations in force, we generally keep your personal data as long as necessary (1) for the purposes for which we obtained them, as specified in this Privacy policy, which generally means we keep your personal information for as long as we have dealings with you or as long as you keep your account open with us; or (2) as long as the appropriate limitation period and in accordance with the laws in force. As described in the “Your Rights and Options” section of this Privacy Policy and in accordance with the appropriate law, you can ask us to cancel your data or restrict the handling of your information by contacting us as specified below.

  1. Your rights and options

You have a series of options regarding the personal data we collect about you, for example, as regards our means of using this information and communicating with you. To update your preferences, ask us to remove your information from our mailing lists, exercise your rights or send in a request, please contact us as specified in the “How to contact us” section of this Privacy Policy. You can also cancel your membership of our mailing lists by clicking on the “Cancel” link in our emails. In accordance with the appropriate law, you can ask for access to your personal data in our possession or ask for that data to be corrected, updated, modified or cancelled or only be used within certain limits by contacting us as specified below.

According to the regulations in force, you have the right to access to the personal data you give us, either through your explicit consent or based on a standard contract you signed that can be read using an automatic device. You are entitled to have this information passed on to another company, should that be technically feasible. You can also appeal to the appropriate data protection control authorities in your country, should you be unhappy with our actions.

Where specified by law, you can withdraw the consent you previously gave us or appeal at any time, for legitimate reasons, against the handling of your personal data and we will immediately conform with your preferences. This does not interfere with our right to use your information based on your previously given consent.

Please contact us as specified in the “How to contact us” section of this Privacy Policy should you wish to exercise your rights. You can also write to SGI Group’s legal department using the contact given here. To guarantee your privacy and security, we can take appropriate action to check your identity before allowing you to access the information or meet your demands. In accordance with law, we may ask for a reasonable contribution to meet your demands, should they turn out to be obviously ungrounded/excessive or should you require access to your data, so that we can provide you with extra copies of the personal data we keep about you.

When you use our Online Channels, we and also certain third parties (such as our advertising networks, digital advertising partners and social media platforms) will be entitled to collect personal data connected with your online activities over a period of time, including activities on third-party websites. Certain web browsers allow users to set up their browser so that it sends out Do Not Track (“DNT”) signals to any websites visited to inform them that you do not wish your browsing to be monitored. Although our Online Channels are not set up to respond to all types of DNT or similar messages sent by browsers (since there is no widely used standard procedure for this purpose), when we detect a relevant DNT signal, we try to block third-party tags used to identify your computer when browsing outside our website; tags that are also used to show you SGI advertising. Our Cookie Policy provides you with information about managing your cookie preferences and the options you have regarding the personal information we automatically collect about you. To find out more about managing your preferences in relation to the data we collect automatically, please take a look at our Cookie Policy.

  1. Transferring data

We pass on personal data we collect about you to countries other than that in which these data were initially acquired, including those jurisdictions in which our companies and service providers operate. These countries may not have the same data protection laws in force in the country in which you initially provided the information. Whenever we pass on information to other countries, we adopt suitable measures to guarantee this information is protected in accordance is what is specified in this Privacy Policy.

If you live in the European Union (“EU”), we pledge to conform to the laws in force, providing a suitable level of protection when passing on personal information to residents in countries outside the EU that do not provide suitable personal data protection. In this case, we will enforce suitable protection measures.

  1. How we protect personal data

We adopt the administrative, technical and physical measures designed to protect your personal data from being destroyed, lost, altered, accessed, shared or used accidentally, illegally or in unauthorised ways.

  1. Personal data of minors

Our Online Channels are designed for a wide audience but are not intended for minors. We do not knowingly collect or request personal information from minors under the age of 18 (or other pertinent ages, in accordance with the appropriate law in force) through our websites or apps. Should we become aware of having collected personal data from somebody younger than the minimum age, we will immediately cancel this information from our archives. If you believe that somebody under the specified age may have provided us with personal information, please contact us as specified in the “How to contact us” section of this Privacy Policy.

  1. Links to websites and services not belonging to SGI

For your benefit and information, our Online Channels may provide links to websites, apps and services that may be managed by companies that do not belong to the SGI Group. These companies may have their own privacy policies, which we strongly recommend you read. Our products and services may be provided to you through third-party platforms (such as app store suppliers) or other third-party channels. We are not responsible for the privacy policies of websites, apps or services that do not belong to the SGI Group.

  1. Updates to our privacy policy

This Privacy Policy (including any appendixes) may be regularly updated to reflect any changes in our personal data policies. If significant changes are made, we will let you know by posting a clearly visible message on our website showing the date of the most recent update at the top of the document.

  1. How to contact us

If you wish your data or preferences in our possession to be updated, please contact us by sending an email to If you have any queries or comments about this Privacy Policy, please contact us by sending an email to You can also write to



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